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Urban Fashion Breathing Masks

Believe it or not, around seven million people face death each year due to the ill effect of environmental air pollution. Most people feel uneasy about wearing a traditional surgical mask in their day-to-day life. New trendy urban breathing masks for health-conscious global citizens are finally available. Shop in our store to find your anti pollution face mask and join the clean air movement. Runways around the world have been displaying urban fashion models with the latest stylish air filter masks as the future face of urban living.

High Quality Air Filter Face Masks

In the past two years, high quality fashion designer anti-pollution masks have entered the global marketplace. An urban mask with a high quality filter that fits properly can be an effective measure against the inhalation of harmful pollutant particles. With thousands dying a year from poor air quality it’s time to protect yourself with the best anti pollution face mask. Leading mask brands like Vogmask, Respro, Cambridge, RZ Masks3M, GuoerAirinum from Sweden and the soon to be released O2TODAY and KoolMask are blending high quality air purification with trendy fashion. In a world with growing environmental threats urban dwellers are beginning to notice the trend of protecting themselves from air pollution, dust, chemicals, and smog.

Choose Air for Your Lifestyle

Respiratory masks contain filters and valves that allow for easier breathing, as well as certain fabrics that help filter polluted air. In addition to protecting wearers against air pollution, an air mask benefits people who are sick, people with severe asthma, athletes, and even people at outdoor music festivals. Air filter face mask for allergies, smoke, and smog are incredibly efficient with most N95 and N99 rated masks protecting wearers from 95% to 99% of the harmful particles in the air.

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