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Air Pollution Mask Reviews


The Best Air Pollution Masks: Review

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Growing pollution and reduced air quality around the world is something we are all learning to live with. This means anti pollution face masks are now becoming a wardrobe staple. With an increase in news out of China and India lately how do we know what is the best face mask to protect us from harmful pollutants in the air.

Fashion conscious urban dwellers don’t want to look like a medical intern strolling through town. With so many masks to choose from, it’s difficult to separate the real winners from losers. Here are some of our favorite brands. Most masks follow American standards to show their anti-haze index. Basically, the higher the number, the better. An N90 mask, for example, filters out 90 percent of airborne particulates in the air. An N95 mask filters out 95% of the airborne particulates, and so on. Most scientific evidence suggests that the most harmful chemicals and pollutants in the air are as small as PM2.5 or particulate matter that is 2.5 micrometers in size. Choose a face mask model with N95 rating or above and it will filter out the worst PM2.5 pollutants.




What is it? A fashion-conscious choice, Vogmask uses a microfiber filtration fabric to filter the air and can be washed and worn for hundreds of hours before being replaced. And if you didn’t believe that wearing a pollution mask could be fun, Vogmask lets you take your pick from an array of prints, patterns, characters, and animals on the mask. They are available in different sizes aimed at adults, teenagers, and children.

Thumbs Up There’s no need to change the filters, making Vogmask very convenient to grab and go – each carbon filter lasts around 200 hours before the whole mask needs to be replaced. The colorful patterns are whimsical and add a little levity to the wearing of a pollution mask.

Thumbs Down Aside from a high price tag, the main con we came across is that the ear straps can’t be pulled tighter meaning polluted air can sneak in round the outsides if, like us, your ears just don’t seem to fit properly. But you can still rest easy in the knowledge that you’ll definitely look cool.

Pricing About $20 – $50

Respro Mask


What is it? With a catchy tagline “External Wear for Internal Protection” whats not to like about this extensive line up of face masks. Respro has masks in categories like sports, cycling, urban, and fashion lines Respro is the most diverse line of masks available in the U.S.

Thumbs Up Respro masks are top rated with an N99 rating, and PM0.3, which is superior to the scientific standard PM2.5 for particulate matter. We like the wide variety of colors, styles, lifestyles options, and design flare. Also, the Respro website has a really cool feature to help you choose the right mask. It has sliding toggles to choose your mask needs and then suggests masks for your specific purposes.

Thumbs Down These masks are a bit more expensive than other brands but you get a lot of protection and style for the price. With the added protection we experienced a bit of facial claustrophobia in these high performance masks.

Pricing Between $30 to $80


What is it? For outdoor enthusiast, especially cyclists, we have found the wild side of cutting down on pollution for that long ride. Filling up your longs with poor quality air doesn’t help your blood much when you need stamina and power. RockBros has come up with a solution for athletes wanting to cut down on poor air quality.

Thumbs Up Thick neoprene construction has a very rugged and durable build. Able to withstand the elements on a soggy day.

Thumbs Down Feels a little suffocating when you get the RPMS going during a workout. Works more like a training mask.

Price Anywhere from $12-$35



What is it? The ReSpimask, from Central European ‘nanofibre company’ Respilon, promises to offer dual uses as both a pollution mask and a layer to keep you warm in the winter. The mask comes with four changeable filters that are simply stuck on the inside of the mask (so simple it took us a while to work out) and can be worn without when it’s chilly but the air is fresh.

Thumbs Up This mask is comfy, you can adjust the ear straps, easily change the filters and it won’t break the bank.

Thumbs Down There’s only one size and we just can’t get it to sit properly around our chin and nose, however much we adjust it.

Pricing A box of 10 is about $20.

3M Nexcare


What is it? 3M offers a range of pollution mask models made from non-woven cloth, and these Nexcare masks are among the cheaper and most easily found pollution masks. They aren’t the most fashionable but they are widely available and an absolute bargain. They do make you look slightly like a nurse about to draw blood.

Thumbs Up You won’t get a better bargain than this. They can also be easily picked up at almost any convenience store if pollution or a forest fire suddenly descends and catches you unprepared.

Thumbs Down They aren’t the sturdiest masks and its probably best to wear them one-time each.

Pricing A box of 10 costs about $10 at most convenience stores and grocery stores.

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