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AIR+ Smart Pollution Mask with Micro Ventilator



AIR+ is building a better mask by understanding how we are designed by nature to breath. Building a better mask meant understanding why we didn’t like wearing most of the air pollution masks already available. Existing masks are uncomfortable to wear and become stuffy within a few minutes. Breathing naturally was simply not possible in traditional masks.

Our Smart Valve is fitted on the inside of the Smart Mask. When exhaling fan jets directly open a valve, keeping it open for a longer period than normal valves. Airflow is key to providing circulation assistance within the mask. The powered micro ventilator effectively extracts heat, moisture and accumulated CO2 out of the mask so you will not be re-inhaling bad air.

Designed for daily use, the AIR⁺ Micro Ventilator goes where you go. Stay fresh on your journey, and recharge it easily via a micro usb when you get home or to the office.

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