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Austin, Texas Allergy Season: Air Filter Face Mask Buying Guide

Austin-Texas-Pollen-Allergy-Time-Season-ChartWelcome to the vibrant, energetic, popular, creative, and allergy capital of Texas. Austin is known for many good things that bring people from all over the country and world to visit but it also has high pollen in the area causing many people to become allergic. Mold, cedar, oak, ragweed and other pollen floating through the air in Austin throughout the year keep many stuck indoors or struggling outside.

A few of the symptoms of these allergies include runny nose, itchy and watery eyes, nasal blockage and sneezing. Some suffers also complain of fatigue, mild headache, facial discomfort, sore throat, partial loss of smell and the sensation of ear plugging. Cedar fever is a seasonal illness that affects people during pollination.

The first time a particular type of pollen travels across your nasal membrane or through your lungs, your body kicks into gear and develops allergic antibodies to that pollen trigger, says Dr. Jackee Kayser, pediatric allergist at ‘Specially for Children and Dell Children’s Medical Center. When your body encounters the pollen trigger again, your immune system is waiting with the pre-formed antibodies. Histamine and other mediators head into a battle of overreaction, causing the classic allergic and even asthmatic symptoms.

Kayser says some research suggests that the immune system has to be exposed to at least two allergy seasons in order to produce an allergic reaction, which could explain why some people who have lived here for years without symptoms might suddenly find themselves affected.

Cedar-Pollen-Allergies-Austin-Texas-Air-MaskSummertime’s grasses and fall’s ragweed join winter’s mountain cedar and spring’s oak pollen in testing our love for Central Texas, not to mention the molds and dust present year-round. Mountain cedar can be a bad pollen for patients, but not necessarily the worst, Kayser says, recalling an oak pollen season a few years ago when we were all driving around with the allergen covering our cars.

Prevention is the first step to battling seasonal allergies. Keep windows and doors closed. Launder pillowcases frequently, because pollen can collect in hair and be transferred to pillowcases to be breathed in throughout the night.

Benefits of an Air Filter Face Mask

Using an air filtering face mask is a new popular way to fight through high pollen seasons. Since the pollen affects the inner lining of the nose and throat an air filter face mask is a way to keep these airborne particulate matter out of your nose and mouth. New companies recognize the need for creating fashion designer styles for urban air masks.

Greetings-From-Austin-Texas-Allergy-CapitolDuring the spring, trees, flowers, and weeds bloom, dumping trillions of particles of pollen in the air. As summer comes along, other plants bloom and continue this process, but we also see things like smoke from wildfires make an impact in certain parts of the country. The Four Seasons of Wearing an Allergy Mask The fall and winter months are marked by ragweed and cedar pollen, as well as mold spores from decaying foliage and an increase in flu and cold viruses.

Regardless of the season, you can reduce exposure throughout the year by wearing an allergy relief mask while working, exercising, or just enjoying the outdoors. This type of mask or respirator can also help at places of work, filtering out fine dust and for allergy sufferers, even block tiny particles of known food allergens like peanuts or wheat flour.



VogmaskVogmask-Warm-Chakra-N99-CV-Large– is a San Francisco-based company that began selling its masks in India in 2014. Vogmask sells fashionable reusable masks in adult and children’s sizes that are either N95 or N99 certified. Some of the masks come with a carbon filter layer and exhalation valve, which can make it easier to breath and not collect moisture or sweat. Their vision is simple: make the most beautiful, highest efficiency, most comfortable, and best manufactured reusable consumer masks on the market. Our respirators are designed to reduce the potential exposure to airborne hazardous contaminants. Particle filtering masks reduce exposure to harmful particulate matter. Masks help protect from airborne particles such as dust, pollen, smoke, smog, and other particles found in air pollution.

Cambridge Mask – UK-based Cambridge Mask Co was started by the former China Director for Vogmask who named the company after his alma mater, Cambridge University. According to its website, Cambridge masks are made of three layers of filters, including a military-grade carbon filter, and are NIOSH N99 certified. The website also says its masks filter out 99.6% of viruses and 99.7% of bacteria. These pollution masks help protect against gas based pollution, such as smells, benzene and formaldehyde, particle pollution such as PM2.5, pollen or smoke and pathogens such as viruses and bacteria. Ideal for cyclists, people in at risk groups for respiratory disease or anyone living in urban environments with high air pollution levels such as China or India.


Totobobo – is a Singaporean-based company that sells reusable N95 masks that can be trimmed and shaped to fit individual faces. The masks come with disposable filter inserts that need to be replaced. Totobobo also makes a smaller “petite” mask designed for women and children. Each mask has a patented “Water-mark seal check” is easy and reliable. It is the world’s first customizable mask. You can shape it and trim it. DIY to the unique face of each of your family members. They are very flexible and comfortable to the skin, superior fit due to the SoftTech material. It is the lightest reusable respirator with a weight of only 20 grams. It has a super elastic strap, which is very comfortable and durable. The reproduction of bacteria or virus is prohibited on the surface of the mask, thanks to the anti-virus additive.


Respro-brand-company-air-polllution-face-maskRespro – UK-based Respro masks are predominantly for activity use such as cycling, running, etc. The company’s website says its masks are N99 rated with P3 European rated filters. Increased awareness of air quality, due to recent pollution episodes in China and Singapore, has made it a permanent annual topic of discussion and one that is firmly on the global problem map. Coal and wood fire burning together with the threat caused by petrol and diesel burning vehicles reduce air quality to harmful levels. Respro®Masks provides a solution to the pollution issue, makes a statement about the air we breathe and is most definitely a product of its time.


O2TODAYO2TODAYTM-Urban-Air-Mask –  Is a U.S. based company and the world’s first all natural urban air mask designed to deliver the perfect balance of breathability and protection. Designed by Marcel Wanders and made from 100% certified MAPP® Merino wool, the O2TODAY™ mask uses HELIX™ Filter Media sourced from the alpine high country of New Zealand. In testing against AS/NZS 1716 – the Australasian standard for respiratory protective devices – O2TODAY™ masks are proven to capture up to 97% of all particulate matter at a flow rate of 95 litres/minute. The natural anti-microbial and hypoallergenic properties of Merino coupled with our extremely low inhale/exhale resistance of 39 Pa make O2TODAY™ masks ideal for extremely natural breathability and protection. O2TODAY™ is a proud member of 1% For The Planet and actively supports efforts to reduce air pollution globally.


RZ MaskRZ-DustPollution-Mask-Bonus-Pack-w5-Laboratory-Tested-Filters-Model-M25-Mesh-Safety-Yellow-Size-Small – is based in the U.K. with the goal to offer a mask that is sleek enough to fit under a sports helmet for cycling or motorbikes, comfortable enough to be worn all day, effective enough to filter 99.9% of harmful air particulates, and durable enough to be used day in and day out. In 2010 RZ Mask was born. The demand for RZ Masks is quickly escalating. By combining comfort and durability with an effective long lasting replaceable filter, it is becoming the ideal particulate solution in over 50 different industries. As their reach expands so is their product line. Their fully committed and passionate team of developers is providing cutting edge products to the air pollution born particulate community.

U-MaskUmask-the-first-Biotech-anti-pollution-reusable-respirator-protects-from-sand-smog-PM25-haze-odor-virus-fashionable-designer-stylish-face-mask-for-training-cycling-motorcycle-outdoor-workout – U-mask is the evolution of an allergy masks, a dust mask and a respirator mask. The science of biotechnology and layering come together to create the highest standard protection, better than a N99 or N95 face mask, up to 99,86%. All in one. The result is a never before seen European protection level FFP3 dust mask (better than N99) anti pollution, anti allergy mask which is able to capture down to PM0,4** small contaminants, with the light weight and breathing resistance of a anti pollution FFP2 dust mask. Most N95 masks, dust masks and allergy masks are not effective on the finest contaminants and, most of all, they don’t destroy pollution but only just block it. Surgical masks provide the lowest protection from urban pollution and are frequently used for the wrong purpose. The U-Ox® BIO-ACTIVE TM Layer inside U-mask performs tremendously more effectively of the nearest competitor which uses replaceable activated carbon cloth or surgery medical masks. Because of its unique ingredients, U-Ox® proprietary formula enzyme compound BIO-degrades the harmful compounds, viruses and pathogenic bacteria instead of simply filtering them.

GuoerGuoer-Mask-Brand – is a Chinese company mainly dedicated to developing ,designing, and producing apparel for health care, leisure, outdoors and sports industries. Our masks are one size fits most. We use the theory of humanized design. Our masks are Pm2.5 with filter replacements, an M-shaped nose clip for a comfortable fit, and allow for easy breathability. The masks are effective against dust, germs, allergies, smoke, pollution, and pollen utilizing a 5 layer activated carbon filter.


3M – sells various N95 and N99 certified and relatively inexpensive disposable masks. You can find them at various pharmacies, or you can order these masks online. You can research the variety of different 3M models that are NIOSH certified on the U.S. CDC website. 3M Respiratory safety solutions for your many workplace challenges – whether it’s a disposable, reusable or powered & supplied air option that suits you best. Helping to provide you with protection and comfort for a range of applications and conditions.


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