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Black Face Mask for Urban Style and Pollution Protection

urban-air-filter-face-mask-black-fashionUrban trends are not only eco-smart, but also eco-sexy.  With rising air pollution around the world in China, India, and Europe the need to protect the air we breath has never been greater. Even in the United States we battle massive forest fires, huge allergy plumes and seasonal mold spoiling the air we breath.

The urban trend of wearing protective air pollution face masks to clean the air we breath is also a growing fashion trend. The simple, but stately, black face mask is growing in popularity in urban centers around the world. We get to choose our air, and we get to choose our fashion.

Choose Air – It is a Personal Choice

Choosing our own air means we can control the air we breath into our lungs. We have little control over forest fires, allergies, mold, and chemicals in the air but when I put a filter over my mouth and nose none of that horrible air can get into my body. We can’t always control the macro world around us but we each have a personal choice in our micro world to do something about our personal experience of air pollution. Choosing an air filtering face mask with N95 or greater protection is the smart choice. N95 masks filter out the smallest, often times most harmful, particles out of the air before they get into our bodies. This is good news for music festival lovers, cyclists, runners, and people on public transportation in large urban areas.

black-face-mask-urban-air-pollution-styleChoose Fashion – Black Face Masks for Urban Life

The common light blue surgical mask to protect yourself from pollution is a thing of the past. Now, companies like Vogmask, RZ Mask, Guoer, Cambridge Mask, Airinum, and Respro Mask are creating colorful, fashionable, and functional air filter face masks for urban dwellers. There is a growing demand for a classic black face mask to filter air pollutants while maintaining style and sophistication on the streets. Wearing a face mask is no longer stigmatized as being a sick person, but is now the eco-smart fashion forward thinker who cares about their health.

So what about you? Are you ready to wear a face mask to protect your future health? Have you seen people waring pollution air masks on the streets of your city? Join the fashion forward urban movement by getting your taste of sophisticated style with all the health benefits of choosing your own air.

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