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Airmotion Labs Designs Colorful Air Pollution Masks for Kids

May 12, 2017 no comments Air Pollution Mask, Anti Pollution Mask, Designer Face Mask, Fashion Face Mask

Danish studio Kilo Design has created a mask to protect and educate children living in areas with very high levels of air pollution. Woobi Play by Kilo for Airmotion Laboratories The device, which was created for technology startup Airmotion Laboratories, is designed for kids aged six and older. It’s intended to be both playful, featuring […]

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Nike FlyKnit Air Pollution Mask by Designer Zhijun Wang

May 8, 2017 no comments Air Filter Mask, Designer Face Mask, Fashion Face Mask

  Wang Zhijun has gotten a bit of attention for his amazing sneaker mask creations, especially the one he made out of an adidas YEEZY BOOST 350 V2. Other publications outside of the sneaker community are taking notice as well and Quartz just released a quick profile video on the young talent. In the vid, […]

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Who Should Wear an Air Pollution Mask?

May 5, 2017 no comments Air Pollution, Air Pollution Mask

Who Should Wear an Air Pollution Mask? When the air quality index is ranked below 100, unless you are particularly sensitive to air pollution, there is very little need for a mask. If you suffer from respiratory conditions or are very active, you may need to limit prolonged periods of outdoor exertion. However, the more […]

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AIR+ Smart Pollution Mask with Micro Ventilator

May 3, 2017 no comments Air Purification Mask, Anti Pollution Mask, Smog Mask, Smoke Mask

  AIR+ is building a better mask by understanding how we are designed by nature to breath. Building a better mask meant understanding why we didn’t like wearing most of the air pollution masks already available. Existing masks are uncomfortable to wear and become stuffy within a few minutes. Breathing naturally was simply not possible […]

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AIRMOTION Air Pollution Mask

May 3, 2017 no comments Air Pollution Mask, Air Purification Mask, Anti Pollution Mask, Smog Mask

Designed and engineered in Singapore, the Airmotion Air mouth mask is the next generation protective air mask for maximum haze, smog, and chemical protection! The Airmotion air masks are suitable for motorcycle, moped, and bicycle riders who commute to work. The silicone adjustable head strap allows the air mask to strap comfortably across all head […]

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Airnet – Creating a Breathable Future with Custom Face Masks

May 3, 2017 no comments Air Filter Mask, Air Pollution, Air Pollution Mask, Air Purification Mask, Anti Pollution Mask

A new concept in hi-tech smart anti particle pollution mask, called “Airnet,” is being developed in Hong Kong. It has an integrated smart phone App to assist in geolocation pollution alerts. This concept is being designed in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University – Masters of Design & Design Practice. This is a commercial project about […]

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Airlite – Mouth Mask Video

May 3, 2017 no comments Air Filter Mask, Mouth Mask

Air pollution is on the rise and excessive chemicals in the atmosphere are affecting the health of millions. Airlite is a mouth mask that provides protection, it detects and monitors harmful gases and is the long-term solution for the health-conscious generation. Designed with replaceable filters, high-tech breathable materials, a self-adhesive silicone seal, and an iconic […]

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Breathe Healthy® Masks Video Introduction

April 28, 2017 no comments Air Filter Mask, Dust Mask, Face Masks, Smog Mask

Breathe Healthy® germ, dust, and allergy masks have been made since 2006. They were designed to be better than the common paper disposables. They’re comfortable, effective for everyday use, and reusable/washable. We know of no other product that combines the features of comfort, adjustability, custom looks, permanent germ resistance, and reusability. This “reusable” quality also […]

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Video – Speed Dating in a Surgical Mask | CNBC International

April 28, 2017 no comments Air Filter Mask, Chemical Mask, Face Masks, Mouth Mask

This dating trend is sweeping across Japan. By wearing an air filter mask the speed daters are focusing more on the each others personalities instead of the movements of their face and lips. The trend is growing in Japan. What about you? Speed Dating with a Face Mask Would speed dating in an air filtering […]

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Video – Should You Wear a Mask While Cycling?

April 28, 2017 no comments Air Filter Mask, Air Pollution Mask, Sports Mask

When riding bikes in an urban environment, especially in global locations where smog is not regulated as heavily as in the United States, the health benefits of an air pollution face mask are important to your long term health. This insightful video gives a first hand example of using a face mask in Thailand. Look […]

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