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A Fashionable Air Pollution Scarf

Leave it to the French to come up with an air pollution mask that is not only functional but also incredibly stylish. Sadly, air pollution is a major problem in many parts of the world, and some people forgo wearing a mask as they make you look a bit like Hannibal Lecter in Silence of […]

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Air Pollution From Wildfire Smoke Has Hazardous Effects On Humans

Scientists have flown through wildfires to learn more about the air pollution they produce, and the news is worse than expected. The emissions of fine particles when timber and brush burn are three times higher than the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has estimated, the researchers said, and those particles are dangerous to human lungs and hearts. […]

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Inversion Air Pollution Gaiter 2.0 to Protect Your Lungs

Traveling internationally always comes with challenges. Some of these challenges — such as learning the local lingo of your destination, forgetting the exchange rate when purchasing goods and services, or being weary of the quality of drinking water — are to be expected. Others, like not being able to breathe, is one that is much […]

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Very Real Effects of Air Pollution On Your Health

The World Health Organization reports that each year 3.7 million people die prematurely from the effects of outdoor air pollution. 80% of air pollution deaths are due to heart disease and strokes, another 20% from respiratory diseases and cancers, after exposure to fine particulate matter – the most harmful airborne pollutant. Professor Stephen Holgate, chair of […]

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New Hyper-Local Air Pollution Map Available

Engineering researchers at The University of Texas at Austin have developed the most detailed and extensive local map of air pollution ever produced for an urban area, using specially equipped Google Street View cars to measure air quality on a block-by-block basis. This new hyper-local mobile approach to measuring air quality, which reveals that air […]

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New Device Cleans Polluted Air by Turning it into Hydrogen Energy

A team of Belgian researchers has developed a device that will remove pollutants from the air and convert them into simple hydrogen — using sunlight, nanoparticles and a photoelectric chemical membrane. The project was conceived and developed by two sets of researchers working on related issues, says the University of Antwerp’s Sammy Verbruggen. Verbruggen’s group, based in […]

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Air Pollution Killing Thousands of Americans Annually

By Jay Apt, Carnegie Mellon University When President Donald Trump announced on June 1 that he had decided to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate accord, he asserted that staying in the pact would prevent our nation from further developing its fossil fuel reserves. Critics understandably have called this a setback for global […]

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NEW Smart Cambridge Mask: Connecting You & Clean Air using Technology

CAMBRIDGE, UK: Today, Cambridge Mask Company launches their smart pollution mask on crowdfunding site, Kickstarter. Starting from only $23.25, the SmartValve technology creates the world’ s first connected mask, helping people manage their respiratory health better. KickStarter Campaign: Air pollution kills seven million people per year according to the WHO, more than murders, suicides and […]

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Designer Marcel Wanders Creates Patterned Air Pollution Masks

Dutch designer Marcel Wanders has collaborated with San Francisco-based firm O2Today to design pollution masks made from wool. O2Today says the mask is the world’s first to be made from all-natural materials and is able to filter 95% of air pollutants, ensuring better breathability for the wearer. Made using a sustainable process and environmentally conscious materials, […]

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Do Any Anti-Pollution Masks Work? Look at the Research

Thomas Talhelm, Asst. Prof Behavioral Science, University of Chicago Booth School of Business; Smart Air Founder. Disclaimer: I’m not an expert in air pollution. I’m a psychologist, but I got interested in air purifiers and masks when I was living in Beijing and the pollution levels went off the charts. Has there been reputable research on […]

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