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Complete List of Rave Gear with Trendy Face Masks

Check out this complete list of rave gear for another year of all night partying. Although every rave has its own set of rules for what is acceptable this list gives you an idea of where to start.

Many festival-goers have come with rave staples, such as glow sticks, totems, face masks, and backpacks. For the most part, these often-called prohibited items were few and far between (except for face masks, which were everywhere), but we managed to find sneaky ravers with more than a few pieces of contraband in their possession. Here is some of what got through the gates last year.

Small Camelbaks are generally approved festival gear, but regular backpacks are a no-go unless they are made of clear material. The crackdown on bags of various kinds was likely to ensure that illegal substances and weapons are tougher to smuggle into festivals. But a see-through backpack comes with its own problems: Some fans complain about stolen goods and money, which thieves spot thanks to their clear containers.


Face Masks
Everywhere you looked was another face mask. Kandi kids simply wore their masks as bracelets until they made it through the gates. And then they slipped these beaded accessories on their heads. These masks are heavily linked to rave’s culture. There are plenty of party people who wear masks for fashion’s sake alone. Maybe that’s why we never heard a raver complain about confiscations or being stopped for wearing one.

Stuffed Animals
Hug a cute adorable plush toy in the wee hours of the night. There is a dangerous element to these fluffy accessories. Though, the dangers are limited, unless the little guy gets used as a mule for drugs, a knife, etc. But as long as that plush toy is given a thorough check, it is not particularly alarming that security doesn’t mind so much if these dudes bring along their furry friend.

Laser Pens
Glow sticks, laser pens and focused-light devices of any kind are typically banned from raves. Glow toys are the absolutely favorite accessory of kids on MDMA, so cutting back on them does a lot to change the atmosphere of a music festival. Sure, it’s fun to get a light show from a friend when you’re blowing up, but it’s embarrassing for everyone involved when walkways are full of slack-jawed kids huddled together, staring at a trailing finger glove. Also, laser pens are obnoxious and ruin the vibe. No one wants to see your little green dot on the main stage.

Devices used to shield yourself from the rain have absolutely nothing to do with drug culture. They’re just a horrible visual obstruction that will ruin the experience of anyone standing near or behind the inconsiderate clowns who thought their comfort was more important than the enjoyment of those around them. Yeah, an umbrella is a great way to escape the elements. But, seriously, grab a poncho and some sunscreen like the rest of us.

Selfie Sticks and Recording Devices
Much like umbrellas, selfie sticks are annoying and unnecessary. Yes, they could lead to accidental injury or even be used as weapons. But mostly, it’s aggravating having to watch everyone focus on getting the perfect profile picture when we just want to enjoy a musical experience. Recording devices, such as professional cameras and GoPros, are also prohibited, because most festivals like to control how the festival is seen. However, selfie sticks and recording devices are typically everywhere.

These rave accessories are basically giant selfie sticks atop of which you shove a stuffed animal or sign. It’s a great way to keep track of your group of friends in a crowd, but it’s also a great way to ruin the line of sight for dozens of people. It’s another chance for injury, too. The example pictured above is clearly quite makeshift.

While some of these accessories will serve you and your friends well, others are a distraction from other rave attenders. Choose your gear with yourself in mind but be considerate of others around you.

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