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How Can I Protect Myself from Cigarette Smoke at Home, Parties, Concerts, and Cafes?

second-hand-smoke-air-maskSecond hand smoke at home, parties, concerts and cafes can be a nuisance for non-smokers. Beyond, just annoying it is harmful to your health. Finding a solution where everyone quits smoking is a great idea, and while people are smoking less, it doesn’t mean everyone is quitting.

Not only are traditional cigarettes a concern but new e-cigarettes are still a mystery about the affects of second hand vapor smoke. Although e-cigarettes have grown in popularity because of their minimized health risks, compared to cigarettes, there is still not enough scientific evidence to known all the affects of second hand smoke from these devices.

If you are a regular concert or festival goer than getting stuck in a smoking section can really ruin a show. Or, if you live with a heavy smoker it can significantly reduce the air quality for everyone in the home. Even with the windows down on a drive in the car with someone smoking can put a non-smoker over the edge.

second-hand-smoke-air-maskThe growing trends in Asia and India are for people to protect themselves from all kinds of smoke, smog, and pollution using an air pollution face mask. While some are wearing surgical type face masks many are turning to more fashionable options. New trendy designer masks are being created for a growing market wanting clean air.

Companies like Airinum, RZ Mask, Guoer, Vogmask, Respro Mask and Cambridge Mask Co. want to be the answer for your clean air. If you are around cigarette smoke and wanting some relief try one of these new air masks. You will breathe clean air, filtering out the most toxic smoke particles, while enjoying the people and places you love to go: home, concerts, cafes, and parties.


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