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Inversion Air Pollution Gaiter 2.0 to Protect Your Lungs

Traveling internationally always comes with challenges. Some of these challenges — such as learning the local lingo of your destination, forgetting the exchange rate when purchasing goods and services, or being weary of the quality of drinking water — are to be expected. Others, like not being able to breathe, is one that is much more difficult to overcome.

In December 2016, news broke that footwear designer Wang Zhijun in China was turning high-end sneakers into pollution masks in order to combat the choking smog that blankets the country’s major cities.

Well, air pollution hits much closer to home than some may think, as many US cities are battling their own degrading air quality. Sadly, the air pollution issue is only getting worse.

However, Salt Lake City, Utah-based company jaMO Threads has created a Kickstarter campaign for a stylish solution to protect yourself against the detrimental effects of this pressing problem: the Inversion Air Pollution Gaiter 2.0.

Inversion Air Pollution Gaiter 2.0 Mask

The pollution mask could be the perfect companion for your next trip into uncharted air pollution of any kind, whether that be abroad or in your own backyard. Protecting your lungs from pollutants is extremely important when we get into its adverse affects on health and well-being.

According to the World Health Organization, frequent exposure to polluted air can lead to health problems such as loss of lung capacity, development of diseases such as bronchitis and asthma, as well as a shortened life span.

The Inversion Air Pollution Gaiter 2.0 can also be beneficial in other ways, such as sterilizing recycled air on airplanes, stopping pollen or dust microns for those with sever allergies, reducing risk to viral outbreaks, or simply keeping your face warm during those rough winter months.


The ever-increasing pollution on the West Coast is one reason that inspired the Inversion Air Pollution Gaiter 2.0:

“Especially cities on the West Coast there are days where the media advises you not to go outside because of air pollution,” said creator Bryan Kinney. “I remember as a kid growing up in LA we couldn’t play during recess because of ‘smog days.’ Unfortunately air pollution isn’t getting any better. I think more and more companies will be popping up in this industry as currently the only options to protect yourself are medical masks, or masks which make you look like Bane from The Dark Knight.”

The inversion gaiter essentially filters the air for you, blocking out any detrimental pollutants, which can’t be guaranteed with a simple medical mask.

So, instead of jumping over to the dark side, become Bane’s healthier, longer-living cousin by playing your part in promoting a healthy lifestyle. The campaign has only received $6,000 of it’s $30,000 goal, but there is still plenty of time to pledge the project and earn special early bird prices, and free shipping to those in the U.S. and Canada.

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