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Kool-Mask-logoKOOLMASK was started by a dad inspired to create a safer environment for his son to play in outdoors. While living in China, Luke, his 10 year-old boy from Seattle suffered from terrible allergies and asthma as a result of heavy air pollution.

Koolmask-air-filter-face-maskKoolmask-air-filter-face-maskIn order to enjoy outside activities Luke would have to wear one of the face masks that are all too common. Unfortunately, Luke could only wear the mask for up to 15 minutes at a time due to the discomfort caused by heat, moisture and lack of air circulation. He wished that he could have a mask that felt “KOOL,” looked “KOOL,” and could also protect him from air borne pollutants, allergens and bacteria.

Unable to find such a face mask on the market, Luke and his dad decided to develop their own and with help from their family and friends, KOOLMASK has now risen from an idea to an actual product with multiple pending international patents. KOOLMASK hopes it will help all the people out there suffering from air pollution, so they can enjoy normal, active lives. Be on the look out for KOOLMASK’s first facemask launch in Spring 2017!


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