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NEW Smart Cambridge Mask: Connecting You & Clean Air using Technology

CAMBRIDGE, UK: Today, Cambridge Mask Company launches their smart pollution mask on crowdfunding site, Kickstarter. Starting from only $23.25, the SmartValve technology creates the world’ s first connected mask, helping people manage their respiratory health better.

KickStarter Campaign:


Air pollution kills seven million people per year according to the WHO, more than murders, suicides and car crashes combined, someone every four seconds. In the UK, air pollution has become a major source of concern for many, as cities across the country frequently breach WHO and EU pollution limits.

Research now shows that the average UK resident has a six month shorter lifespan due to air pollution.“We are helping to solve the fundamental requirement for people to better understand what and how they breathe” says Christopher Dobbing, the Founder and CEO of Cambridge Mask Company. “Our current masks have been a massive success and we now have users in over 40 countries. With this new technology we are making our masks even better, and giving people awesome tools to care for their long-term health”.


“I found wearing a mask in public a little odd at first” says Dr Tomaz Slivnik, a Cambridge resident “I travel frequently and used to get sick a lot. Now I wear the masks on the flight and have not picked up a bug since I started using it. I am really looking forward to trying out the smart mask”Cambridge Mask’ s SmartValve clips onto their mask, and, through an app, gives data on filter expiration levels, local air quality information as well as advise on breathing patterns.

The masks are aimed at urban residents who are exposed to higher air pollution levels as well as cyclists, allergy sufferers and those with low immune systems or chemical sensitivities. The company is aiming to raise $32,000 to take the concept to market. The development has taken nearly two years, with prototype and patent already developed.The campaign will run from May 30th to June 28th.


The Smart Cambridge Mask takes clean air to the next level. Today we bring you the world’s first pollution mask that can actively monitor the air quality around you and tell you when to change mask filter. It’s perfect for cyclists, urban residents or anyone worried about polluted air.

93% of us are exposed to dangerous levels of air pollution on a daily basis. We want to help. 

For the last two years we have been working on disrupting the respirator (mask) industry. Now, with the help of Y Combinator’s Fellowship Program, we have been able to file patent, develop final prototype and source production to bring this project to life.


Our current mask filters particulate pollution such as diesel emissions, gas pollution like petrol fumes and pathogens such as viruses and bacteria.

Our mask is close to perfect, but we knew it was possible to do more by adding sensors to the mask itself. With the addition of a Bluetooth low energy chip in the mask valve, we can now answer key questions we always get asked: How do I know when I should be wearing a mask? How long does the mask last for? Does wearing a mask affect my breathing? The circular valve of the mask can be removed, and replaced with the SmartValve which quickly and easily clicks into place.


With the Cambridge Mask app, we help you check ambient air quality using a mix of open source and government data, provided via AirVisual. Then, using your height, weight, age and gender, we can calculate lung capacity and cross reference this with breathing patterns using the sensors in the SmartValve. This data means we can give filter expiration level as well as advise when you should wear a mask.

The new Smart Cambridge Mask will be available globally from October 2017.

 We have a great range of rewards for our backers, including the chance to design your own mask pattern from scratch.

I believe everyone should be able to get out and enjoy life, without having to worry about bad air or the way they look. That’s why we have developed a high function, high fashion mask that gives you the best chance of reparatory health.


After seeing children in China suffering the long term health effects of air pollution, it became clear how important helping to solve the challenge was. My long term dream is to play a part in ending man-made air pollution for good. Until then, we need the best possible pollution masks to ensure a happy and healthy tomorrow. That’s why Cambridge Mask Co exists.

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