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New Xiaomi Air Pollution Fighting Face Mask with a Tiny Air Purifier

Xiaomi’s just launched a product that is everything India, China, and U.S. wildfires need right now, but is unlikely to come here anytime soon.

Continuing its spree of product launches, Xiaomi has now unveiled an air mask in China. You can easily tell this air mask from others as Xiaomi’s carries a small air purifier attached to the mask. The launch comes at a time when Chineese and Indians are increasingly purchasing air purifiers and masks in the light of severe air quality at many places.

The mask is made of high-fibre textile with a hand-woven finish. There’s a detachable air filter that can capture PM2.5 particulates (the most harmful particles) and also has a tiny fan to regulate the airflow. The filter’s battery (to run the fan) can be recharged over a USB connection.

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