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O2TODAY Urban Air Face Mask Review

As the general public is becoming more aware of the affects of increased fossil fuel consumption and industrial pollution in condensed urban spaces we have seen the proliferation of air pollution face masks to combat this problem.

Companies like Vogmask burst onto the scene in 2012 with stylish fashion designs and air filtering technology to protect people from the growing pollution problem in our cities. The Cambridge Mask Company quickly spun out of Vogmask as a formidable competitor in the growing market for stylish air pollution masks.

O2TODAY packagedNew companies like O2TODAY are joining the competitive air face mask market by producing fashion designer styles but high quality filtering protection for people who want to choose the air they breathe. Recently, O2TODAY sent several masks to review. Here are the results of our recent review.


O2TODAY logo

Packaging: Simple. Minimilistic. Apple-esque. Attention to the details of beautifully communicating the features and benefits of the O2TODAY mask. The mask is sealed in the packaging for protection against contamination.

Mask Style: Both masks were stylish but also subtle. They are modern patterns for urban environments. The masks we reviewed had patterns which lean more masculine but could easily be an accessory for a more feminine look. The O2TODAY collection of masks has a variety of patterns and colors to choose from which have all been personally selected by designer Marcel Wanders.

  O2TODAY Urban Mask Review

Materials: The merino wool inner lining is incredibly soft against the skin. At the bridge of the nose there is an inner wire sown into the material for an adjustable fit around the nose and cheeks keeping air gaps from forming. The elastic ear straps have an adjustable toggle on them to flex fit the tension of the mask on each ear. Our overall impression of the build quality was very good. The materials in the mask are high quality and it is well constructed.

Effectiveness: In Austin, Texas where we tested the O2TODAY masks the main purpose is for protection from year-round allergies in the air and dust from lawn mowing & maintenance. The mask uses filtering technology to filter 97% of harmful particles in the air. The masks are surprisingly breathable. While we have not been able to give the mask long-term effectiveness testing our initial tests were impressive.

Cost: The cost of an O2TODAY mask is about $25.

Thanks to O2TODAY for sharing your products with us.

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