Ayygift Pm2.5 Flower Gauze Mask Adult Face Mask Anti-fog Haze Dustproof Mask (Beige)

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Material:pure cotton cloth.
Very convenient and fashion .

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In response to cold and flu concerns of all types, the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization have advised that wearing a mask is a “first line of defense” and advise that “in a highly contagious environment, wearing any mask is far better than wearing no mask at all”. Many Hospitals and Doctors are now requesting that patients (especially with low immune systems) and visitors wear masks. In any type of flu transmission, inhaling germs is but one way to become infected. Contamination may occur simply by touching the corner of your eye, nose or lips with contaminated hands. Therefore, the wearing of any mask is primarily a “first line of defense” and should be combined with frequent hand washing and good hygiene.
Breathe Healthy masks offer respiratory protection that is comfortable, effective for everyday use, and reusable. They have a permanent antimicrobial agent that kills germs on contact, is environmentally safe, and is still effective after 100 washing .
Additionally, they are a sustainable and ecological alternative to disposable masks.
Our masks are currently being used as: flu masks, dust masks, allergy masks, asthma masks, germ masks, pollen masks, cleaning masks, travel masks, pollution masks, cold weather masks, health masks, groomers masks, grass mowing masks, children’s masks, lowered immune system masks, woodworking masks, COPD masks, military/tactical masks, sandstorm masks, gardening masks, and more!
Designer respirator mask for high particulate matter (PM 2.5), germs, pollen, or anytime you want to filter inhaled contaminants.
Material:pure cotton cloth.
Very convenient and fashion .
Package include:1pcs x flower face mask.
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