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R-PUR Anti Pollution Air Face Mask

R-PUR is the first anti-pollution mask specifically designed for motorbikes and bicycles users, made in France. This mask allows you to breathe a clean air by filtering toxic particles, fine particles / diesel, pollens as well as viruses and bacteria present in the air, all without compromising on comfort and style.

This new generation filtering solution offer a protection greater than the highest European norm en149 – FFP3.

R-PUR-cycle-pollution-air-maskWe have selected a high quality fabric with a “water repellent” coating that allows it to stay dry and waterproof while remaining extremely breathable. This fabric is used for, military grade and special forces uniforms butt also in the high fashion industry.

The valve is a patented technological prowess increasing exhalations by 50% than with a conventional valve. This allows better internal filter ventilation when you exhale in order to stay dry. Furthermore, the hot air flow redirection system removes the appearance of fog on the visor or glasses.

Thanks to the internal anti-perspirant thermo-control® you will always feel comfortable in your R-PUR mask. Its temperature control technology allows you to stay cool in summer or during physical activities but also protects you from the harsh winter air. No need for neck or face protection, with R-PUR, we’ve got you covered!

The fasteners have been specifically designed the helmet to fit easily over the mask. Additionally, a 100% nylon self-adhesive allows for a secure grip and easy removal. The simplicity of our product remains one of our priorities.

This new generation filter enables the elimination of micro particles referred to as PM 2.5; however the filtering process goes further since it now filters up to nanoparticles which is the equivalent of PM 0,04 (60 times smaller than the PM2,5)! In terms of comparison, let us add that norm EN149-FFP3, which is the highest European norm as far as breathing protection masks go, only requires up to a 0,4 micrometer filtration. Proof that R-PUR masks have gone the distance on that criterion!

Because it’s important that the filter is always very efficient, we opted for a replaceable filter solution for our mask. The filter needs to be replaced on an average of 300 miles / 500 kilometers if you travel mainly in town, that is to say every month or month and a half depending on use, but don’t worry the mobile application will tell you when it’s time. The filters will be available on our website before launch around 9-13€ and shipped worldwide.

You will be invited to give your itinerary information on our web site or on the smartphone application so it will provide you with the approximate expiration date of your current filter. It never been that easy to know when to replace it.


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