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Surviving a Dust Storm at the Burning Man Festival: Trendy Air Pollution Masks

When a music and art festival in the desert like Burning Man turns into a dusty scene from Mad Max; goggles, shelter, and a good dust pollution mask will keep you safe in the wildest of desert storms you might encounter.

These alkali flats have long lured daring humans well before Burners started trekking to the playa. From human ancestors around 11,000 B.C. to prospectors heading to the California Gold Rush, many crossed this Great Basin on what’s now known as the Emigrant Trail laid by “The Great Pathfinder” John Fremont. From rocket launches to land speed records, this long dry lakebed has attracted visionaries, travelers, and truth seekers.


Creation of a Desert Storm

On August 9th, 2013 John Curley wrote on Burning Man Blog: “A hot but otherwise benign Thursday afternoon turned into a vicious reminder that hey, no matter how far Burning Man has come in mastering the art of event logistics, Mother Nature still makes the final call around here.”

Mother Nature is boss in the Black Rock Desert. As recent days have show you can expect almost anything in this former lakebed. In most years, it’s hot and dusty and a few big dust storms will happen on any given day at Burning Man. Your well-being in the harsh desert is up to you. Study up and come prepared.

Be Mentally Ready and Gear Up

Prepare yourself for the mental journey you will experience on the playa.


  • A good tent that is well staked will be your refuge to ride out a storm.
  • Rebar is the preferred way to stake your tent. The “Candy Cane” method is the best way to go.
  • Make sure your rebar is covered as a large number of injuries occur every year from uncovered rebar on the playa.
  • Read up on Burning Man’s Securing Your Structure post.

Burning Man Goggles

  • A wide variety and styles of Burning Man goggles are available.
  • Ski goggles work well, too, and you might already have them.

Dust Masks

  • You will see everything from apocalyptic gas masks to flimsy dust masks.
  • Scarves make a stylish and makeshift dust mask.
  • Check out Vogmask, RZ Mask, and Respro for top gear air pollution masks with a fashion twist.

Embrace the Storm

While you might want to throw all caution to the wind and go riding into a dust devil, we encourage you to keep a cool head and let good judgement guide you. Amid the chaos is a fairly well organized city with road signs, streets, and order. Study a map, get the lay of the land, and trust your judgement first. Sometimes you just might want to ride out the storm at a dance party. The former Deep End did just that in the image below.

A Story

Fest300’s community manager Eamon Armstrong describes a moment caught in a storm. The most romantic time I ever had at Burning Man was in the middle of a dust storm. A sudden and total whiteout left my girlfriend and me desperately clutching hands as we crossed the playa together. Complete blindness forced us to rely only on each other, and as the dust whipped around us we stumbled onward laughing at our foolishness. That moment of trust has stayed with us ever since.


Tips and Tricks

  • Safety First. In dust storms visibility nears zero. Don’t bike, don’t drive, and walk back to safety. Shelter up and beware of mutant art cars. You just might find something amazing.
  • Tune into BMIR 94.5 for radio updates during a large storm or any emergency event.
  • Don’t orient yourself off Art Cars or even street signs. Art Cars move and pranksters switch signs. It is a temporary city, but best to navigate on fixed art pieces and center camp. Though signs may switch, the streets and your camp will be in the same place.
  • Embrace the moment and enjoy the company you’re with. Hold tight, it will pass.
  • Prepare before you go, bring your dust mask, goggles, and water on any playa adventure — just in case.

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