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Surviving the Dust at Coachella – Best Trendy Air Pollution Masks


If you find yourself at a summer concert, like Coachella, choking on dust there are finally some good solutions to your lung problems. Air pollution masks have come a long way the last few years. You can get great protection for your lungs without looking like a scrub nurse.

Asians have been wearing face masks for years to provide better air quality for themselves. It’s not just about protection for many Asians, its about ‘air’ itself. They believe air is essential. Good quality air is a choice. So, wearing a cute, trendy, fashionable air pollution mask makes sense for them.

There is no taboo about being seen taking care of yourself in Asian cultures. It’s time to explore ‘choosing air’ for summer concert scene. New companies like Airinum, Vogmask, and RZ Mask are making it easy to get a mask that protects you from harmful dust, pollutants, and chemicals, while making a fashion statement.


If you are summer concert goer don’t suffer with poor air quality. Choose air. Get a great air pollution face mask for $20-$40.

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