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‘Dirty Birds’ Reveal Hidden U.S. Air Pollution Problem

Soot trapped in the feathers of songbirds over the past 100 years is causing scientists to revise their records of air pollution. US researchers measured the black carbon found on 1,300 larks, woodpeckers, and sparrows over the past century. They’ve produced the most complete picture to date of historic air quality over industrial parts of […]

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Air | A Surreal Short Film (2015)

Grateful for the artists who capture the realities for a generation and tell the story. This short film tells the story of the growing global air quality crises. ‘AIR’ is a surreal short film about a girl struggles in a heavily air-pollution world, and the needs to buy air to survive. This short film delivers […]

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Can We Fix the Air that is Making Us Sick?

Rising air pollution levels in our cities that impact the health of people and planet are becoming impossible to ignore. So much so that China closed the last working coal power plant in Beijing this March, paving the way to a future of clean energy and air for its inhabitants. This kind of radical change […]

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Traffic Pollution is Preventing Children’s Brains from Reaching Their Full Potential

Traffic pollution in cities can stall children’s brain development and stop them from reaching their full potential, according to a Spanish study that measured air pollution in 300 classrooms. Researchers involved in the BREATHE project found that the distance to the nearest road significantly influenced the levels of harmful invisible particles in classrooms and ultimately […]

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German City Builds Moss-Covered Wall to Fight Air Pollution

The German city of Stuttgart is struggling to overcome its huge air pollution problem. There are options to reduce the environmental risks. Amongst them – a wall covered with moss. “Nitrogen dioxide has put our health at risk for decades.” And for years, Maria Krautzberger, president of Germany’s Federal Environment Agency (UBA) has pointed out […]

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Anti Pollution Masks review – Respra vs Totobobo vs Neomask

Original posted in BikeZone July 4th, 2012. If you live in one of the global smog zones you have been paranoid about pollution, then this post is for you. Wearing a good air face mask has played its role in sustaining my interest in commuting over the years — so I buy a mask if it […]

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Who Should Wear an Air Pollution Mask?

Who Should Wear an Air Pollution Mask? When the air quality index is ranked below 100, unless you are particularly sensitive to air pollution, there is very little need for a mask. If you suffer from respiratory conditions or are very active, you may need to limit prolonged periods of outdoor exertion. However, the more […]

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Global Pandemic – Air Pollution | Romain Lacombe | TEDxAthens

Published on Apr 30, 2015 Air pollution is a global pandemic that’s underway. It’s a major health challenge yet nobody talks about it. It affects everyone but we usually ignore it cause we can’t actually “see” it. Now it’s time to talk about it and find a way to solve it together. Romain Lacombe just […]

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What’s the Best Air Pollution Face Mask for China?

Is the air pollution in China dangerous? According to a recent report, air pollution is a contributing factor in the deaths of approximately 1.6 million Chinese people each year. This is the equivalent of 4,400 each day. Around the world, the toxic air in Chinese cities has been recognized as a major problem, but the […]

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Anti-Pollution Cycling Air Masks Tested

With thousands dying a year from poor air quality, is a mask as good a safety precaution as a helmet? Many British urban bike commuters opt to wear a helmet. Some also go for a hi-vis jacket. But considerably fewer use an anti-pollution mask, despite evidence that smog might be the biggest single danger you […]

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