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New City Bike Lanes Protect Cyclists from Air Pollution

As a relatively new cyclist and resident of South Seattle, the recent The Urbanist piece about the downgrading of protected bike lanes frustrated me. The bike lane already on the Othello-Myrtle-Swift corridor (with intermittent sharrows), or even a widened bike lane, does not provide the benefits of a true protected bike lane. There are many […]

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Drivers in Rush Hour Traffic Are Breathing In Twice as Much Pollution

Crawling along in rush-hour traffic with the AC on and windows up may give the impression of being at least somewhat insulated against the clouds of air pollution outside, but new research suggests that that not only is this an illusion, it may be a dangerous one as well. A recent study published in Atmospheric […]

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Anti Pollution Masks review – Respra vs Totobobo vs Neomask

Original posted in BikeZone July 4th, 2012. If you live in one of the global smog zones you have been paranoid about pollution, then this post is for you. Wearing a good air face mask has played its role in sustaining my interest in commuting over the years — so I buy a mask if it […]

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Is Running or Cycling in Smog Bad for Health?

We answer an avid runner’s question about exercising outdoor when haze strikes. Q: Forest fires in neighboring countries have resulted in a haze over my country. Should I continue to run or cycle outdoor when my city is shrouded in a thick haze? Is haze harmful to my health? A: The short answer is, it […]

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Anti-Pollution Cycling Air Masks Tested

With thousands dying a year from poor air quality, is a mask as good a safety precaution as a helmet? Many British urban bike commuters opt to wear a helmet. Some also go for a hi-vis jacket. But considerably fewer use an anti-pollution mask, despite evidence that smog might be the biggest single danger you […]

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