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Funny Surgical Mouth Masks

An apple a day keeps the doctor away but a funny surgical mouth mask helps doctors play. No one really wants to be in medical or dental surgery but if we are going under the knife we would like a little good humor. We don’t want an unqualified doctor who is only goofing around but […]

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Burning Man Dust, Sand, and Smoke Air Mask Recommendations: Top 5

The #1 rated recommendations for surviving the dust, sand, and smoke at Burning Man are below. Burning Man is not a festival. Burning Man is a community. A temporary city. A global cultural movement. BLACK ROCK CITY is a temporary metropolis built in Nevada’s beautiful, remote, and inhospitable Black Rock Desert. You are responsible for […]

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Best Dust Mask for Burning Man Festival

Burning Man, the annual week-long art festival in the Nevada desert, is not only a bunch of dusty, acid-tripping naked hippies, and candy-tripping techno ravers. It is, and always has been, ruled by all kinds of techno-smart futuristic punks. Burning Man is a week-long art party in a handmade city that is doing its level best […]

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Surviving a Dust Storm at the Burning Man Festival: Trendy Air Pollution Masks

When a music and art festival in the desert like Burning Man turns into a dusty scene from Mad Max; goggles, shelter, and a good dust pollution mask will keep you safe in the wildest of desert storms you might encounter. These alkali flats have long lured daring humans well before Burners started trekking to […]

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Doctors Examine Usefulness of Smog Masks

When smog descends on Beijing or other Asian cities, people rush to buy face masks. But how effective are the masks at filtering out tiny, harmful particles of pollution? The effectiveness varies tremendously, depending on factors like type, brand and fit. Simple, loose fitting masks do little to combat pollution, according to the United States […]

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