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O2TODAY Air Mask Review

O2TODAY Urban Air Face Mask Review

As the general public is becoming more aware of the affects of increased fossil fuel consumption and industrial pollution in condensed urban spaces we have seen the proliferation of air pollution face masks to combat this problem. Companies like Vogmask burst onto the scene in 2012 with stylish fashion designs and air filtering technology to […]

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Funny Surgical Mouth Masks

An apple a day keeps the doctor away but a funny surgical mouth mask helps doctors play. No one really wants to be in medical or dental surgery but if we are going under the knife we would like a little good humor. We don’t want an unqualified doctor who is only goofing around but […]

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Airnet – Creating a Breathable Future with Custom Face Masks

A new concept in hi-tech smart anti particle pollution mask, called “Airnet,” is being developed in Hong Kong. It has an integrated smart phone App to assist in geolocation pollution alerts. This concept is being designed in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University – Masters of Design & Design Practice. This is a commercial project about […]

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Video – Speed Dating in a Surgical Mask | CNBC International

This dating trend is sweeping across Japan. By wearing an air filter mask the speed daters are focusing more on the each others personalities instead of the movements of their face and lips. The trend is growing in Japan. What about you? Speed Dating with a Face Mask Would speed dating in an air filtering […]

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Do Cloth Face Masks Offer Poor Protection Against Air Pollution? Scientific Review

Cloth masks offer poor protection against air pollution Air quality researchers test mask effectiveness Date: August 19, 2016 Source: University of Massachusetts at Amherst Summary: Inexpensive cloth masks worn by people who hope to reduce their exposure to air pollution vary widely in effectiveness and could be giving users a false sense of security, especially […]

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