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Air Pollution Denial: ‘Modern Air is Too Clean’ Says Skeptics

Despite report after report linking air pollution to deterioration of the lungs, heart and brain, Prof Robert Phalen believes the air is “too clean” for children. After all, everybody needs a bit of immune-system-boosting dirt in their lungs. “Modern air is a little too clean for optimum health,” he told the American Association for the […]

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Study Says Air Pollution Elevates Stress Hormones

Breathing dirty air causes stress hormones to spike, new research suggests, which could help explain why long-term exposure to pollution is associated with heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and a shorter life span. Dr. Haidong Kan of Fudan University in Shanghai, China, and colleagues looked specifically at the health effects of particulate matter (PM), small particles […]

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Increased Air Pollution Cuts Lifespan of its Victims by a Decade

One of the benefits to cutting fossil fuel consumption is lowering air pollution. A new study in the August issue of Ecological Indicators shows that, on average, an increase in pollution particles in the air of 10 micrograms per cubic meter cuts victims’ life expectancy by 9-11 years — more than previously thought. But the […]

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Very Real Effects of Air Pollution On Your Health

The World Health Organization reports that each year 3.7 million people die prematurely from the effects of outdoor air pollution. 80% of air pollution deaths are due to heart disease and strokes, another 20% from respiratory diseases and cancers, after exposure to fine particulate matter – the most harmful airborne pollutant. Professor Stephen Holgate, chair of […]

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New Device Cleans Polluted Air by Turning it into Hydrogen Energy

A team of Belgian researchers has developed a device that will remove pollutants from the air and convert them into simple hydrogen — using sunlight, nanoparticles and a photoelectric chemical membrane. The project was conceived and developed by two sets of researchers working on related issues, says the University of Antwerp’s Sammy Verbruggen. Verbruggen’s group, based in […]

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AIRMOTION Air Pollution Mask

Designed and engineered in Singapore, the Airmotion Air mouth mask is the next generation protective air mask for maximum haze, smog, and chemical protection! The Airmotion air masks are suitable for motorcycle, moped, and bicycle riders who commute to work. The silicone adjustable head strap allows the air mask to strap comfortably across all head […]

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Airnet – Creating a Breathable Future with Custom Face Masks

A new concept in hi-tech smart anti particle pollution mask, called “Airnet,” is being developed in Hong Kong. It has an integrated smart phone App to assist in geolocation pollution alerts. This concept is being designed in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University – Masters of Design & Design Practice. This is a commercial project about […]

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Video – Why You Need a PM2.5 Protection Face Mask for Air Pollution

The world’s first fully organic anti pollution mask for the health-conscious global citizens. brings you 100% organically cotton and bamboo fabric dyed with leafs, trees and fruits of Bali into a wearable FaceMask that elevate your vibrational pattern and protect you from negative and toxic energies. Level PM 2.5 protection against particles matter and […]

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Are You Aware of These 7 Deadly Air Pollutants?

Microscopic air particles are all around us, and some of them can be deadly. Find out which are the ones you should beware of. Do you know that we breath up to 40,000 times a day? That is almost 28 times per minute! But as nations become more and more industrialized and populated, the air […]

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Air Pollution Affecting Health via Bacteria Changes in the Body

New research suggests that air pollution may have an effect on human health by altering bacteria. It shows that black carbon, a major component of air pollution, dramatically changes how bacteria grow and form biofilms, which can affect their survival in the lining of airways and their resistance to antibiotics. The study – by researchers […]

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