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Health Hazard of Wildfire Smoke

More than a dozen wildfires in California wine country have destroyed at least 1,500 homes and killed at least 13 people in the last few days, and the numbers are expected to rise as more information is reported. The city of Santa Rosa and surrounding Sonoma County are among the hardest hit areas, with smoke […]

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Growing Trend of Anti-Pollution Face Masks: Future of Fashion Design & Urban Health

Air pollution is a global problem. We all know about it very well. According to World Health Organization (WHO), in 2012 around 7 million people died as a result of air pollution exposure. According to a report released by UNICEF, 2 billion children live in areas with high toxic levels of outdoors air pollution-higher than […]

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Why Does Bane in the Batman Movie Wear a Face Mask and Should I Get One?

In the movie “The Dark Knight Rises”, when Bane saves the girl from the attackers in the jail, the attackers beat Bane to near death. The attack left Bane’s spine and back broken. Doctors had to perform cervical fusion throughout his entire spine (hence the long scar seen on Bane’s back when you first see […]

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Air Pollution From Wildfire Smoke Has Hazardous Effects On Humans

Scientists have flown through wildfires to learn more about the air pollution they produce, and the news is worse than expected. The emissions of fine particles when timber and brush burn are three times higher than the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has estimated, the researchers said, and those particles are dangerous to human lungs and hearts. […]

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Inversion Air Pollution Gaiter 2.0 to Protect Your Lungs

Traveling internationally always comes with challenges. Some of these challenges — such as learning the local lingo of your destination, forgetting the exchange rate when purchasing goods and services, or being weary of the quality of drinking water — are to be expected. Others, like not being able to breathe, is one that is much […]

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Very Real Effects of Air Pollution On Your Health

The World Health Organization reports that each year 3.7 million people die prematurely from the effects of outdoor air pollution. 80% of air pollution deaths are due to heart disease and strokes, another 20% from respiratory diseases and cancers, after exposure to fine particulate matter – the most harmful airborne pollutant. Professor Stephen Holgate, chair of […]

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New Hyper-Local Air Pollution Map Available

Engineering researchers at The University of Texas at Austin have developed the most detailed and extensive local map of air pollution ever produced for an urban area, using specially equipped Google Street View cars to measure air quality on a block-by-block basis. This new hyper-local mobile approach to measuring air quality, which reveals that air […]

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Is Running or Cycling in Smog Bad for Health?

We answer an avid runner’s question about exercising outdoor when haze strikes. Q: Forest fires in neighboring countries have resulted in a haze over my country. Should I continue to run or cycle outdoor when my city is shrouded in a thick haze? Is haze harmful to my health? A: The short answer is, it […]

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Self Protection From Wood Smoke and Fine Particulate

Self Protection From Wood Smoke and Fine Particulate. All combustion results in very fine micro particulate and there is no safe level of this asbestos sized deadly debris. We all need to personally take responsibility for our own health. Awareness and education are the key elements to the abatement of combustion fine particulate pollution in […]

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