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Surprising Impact of Air Pollution When You Exercise

According to a past review published by the University of Queensland, there is strong evidence to support the assertion that air pollution has negative effects on cardiovascular health during exercise. The impact is particularly strong for those who work out outdoors in urban regions where the concentration of air contaminants is relatively high. Individuals who […]

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Anti Pollution Masks review – Respra vs Totobobo vs Neomask

Original posted in BikeZone July 4th, 2012. If you live in one of the global smog zones you have been paranoid about pollution, then this post is for you. Wearing a good air face mask has played its role in sustaining my interest in commuting over the years — so I buy a mask if it […]

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Nike FlyKnit Air Pollution Mask by Designer Zhijun Wang

  Wang Zhijun has gotten a bit of attention for his amazing sneaker mask creations, especially the one he made out of an adidas YEEZY BOOST 350 V2. Other publications outside of the sneaker community are taking notice as well and Quartz just released a quick profile video on the young talent. In the vid, […]

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Video – Should You Wear a Mask While Cycling?

When riding bikes in an urban environment, especially in global locations where smog is not regulated as heavily as in the United States, the health benefits of an air pollution face mask are important to your long term health. This insightful video gives a first hand example of using a face mask in Thailand. Look […]

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How Biking in Urban Traffic Affects Your Body

Ever wondered what all those fumes are doing to your lungs while bike or walk in heavy traffic? I certainly have, especially when biking up a hill behind a bus. (Argh, not again!) So I had to check out this Globe and Mail story about a recent study of just my situation—biking in traffic exhaust. […]

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Is an Air Pollution Mask for Cycling Really Worth It?

Cycling in the city is a quick way to get around, but one of the inescapable downsides of riding on the road is the traffic around you. Cars, vans and buses omit carbon monoxide, ozone and nitrogen dioxide, and PM10s – tiny particles of smoke. Unfortunately when you’re sitting amongst them at traffic lights or […]

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The Benefits of a Sports Training Mask: Does it Improve Conditioning?

Breathing training involves strengthening the inspiratory and expiratory muscles as well as the lungs to improve aerobic endurance. An emerging fitness topic, recent research on breathing training suggests that training these muscles, such as the intercostals and diaphragm, can improve exercise performance. A 2012 Sports Medicine review of 46 studies on breathing training found that […]

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