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Air Pollution Mask Brands: Who Are They?

In the past several years, high quality anti-pollution masks have entered the global marketplace. As community awareness about the harmful effects of air pollution on health grows, so too has the demand for protective masks. The list below includes high quality masks that are highly rated to be effective in the most polluted urban environments. […]

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Who Should Wear an Air Pollution Mask?

Who Should Wear an Air Pollution Mask? When the air quality index is ranked below 100, unless you are particularly sensitive to air pollution, there is very little need for a mask. If you suffer from respiratory conditions or are very active, you may need to limit prolonged periods of outdoor exertion. However, the more […]

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Video – Should You Wear a Mask While Cycling?

When riding bikes in an urban environment, especially in global locations where smog is not regulated as heavily as in the United States, the health benefits of an air pollution face mask are important to your long term health. This insightful video gives a first hand example of using a face mask in Thailand. Look […]

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New Xiaomi Air Pollution Fighting Face Mask with a Tiny Air Purifier

Xiaomi’s just launched a product that is everything India, China, and U.S. wildfires need right now, but is unlikely to come here anytime soon. Continuing its spree of product launches, Xiaomi has now unveiled an air mask in China. You can easily tell this air mask from others as Xiaomi’s carries a small air purifier […]

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