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U-mask is the evolution of an allergy masks, a dust mask and a respirator mask. The science of biotechnology and layering come together to create the highest standard protection, better than a N99 or N95 face mask, up to 99,86%.  All in one. The result is a never before seen European protection level FFP3 dust mask (better than N99) anti pollution, anti allergy mask which is able to capture down to PM0,4** small contaminants, with the light weight and breathing resistance of a anti pollution FFP2 dust mask.

Most N95 masks, dust masks and allergy masks are not effective on the finest contaminants and, most of all, they don’t destroy pollution but only just block it. Surgical masks provide the lowest protection from urban pollution and are frequently used for the wrong purpose. The U-Ox® BIO-ACTIVE TM Layer inside U-mask performs tremendously more effectively of the nearest competitor which uses replaceable activated carbon cloth or surgery medical masks. Because of its unique ingredients, U-Ox® proprietary formula enzyme compound BIO-degrades the harmful compounds, viruses and pathogenic bacteria instead of simply filtering them.